Possible Outcomes

There has been almost no new details to emerge.  Anecdotally, a certain number of the Cincinnati are taking the decision for granted.  Between the frenzy around ordination (in particular around Alyssa Stanton, to whom we wish Mazal Tov), and relative lack of interest in the news media, we are all pretty much in the dark.  If any one has media contacts, please try to reclaim some of the buzz.  In the midst of this historic ordination, there will be a dark cloud floating overhead.  

Please continue to encourage your friends to write letters and gather media coverage of the HUC situation.

If you can, please make an online donation to help Hebrew Union College maintain its ability to educate and create the future of the Reform Movement.

3 Responses to Possible Outcomes

  1. Grad School Alum says:

    Agreed. The initial euphoria about retention of the Cincinnati campus may have been misplaced. It seems possible the board may ultimately decide to maintain a “presence” in Cincinnati without any real academic programs. It’s not clear to me how that would benefit Reform Judaism, and in my case, how it would continue HUC-JIR’s important contributions to interfaith dialogue. You are right that we need to continue the appeals to strengthen the core of the academic programs while also streamlining the expense of maintaining four campuses. I personally believe Cincinnati should be strengthened as the historic and geographic center, and that alternative ways of delivery need to be developed for programs on the east and west coasts.

  2. an alumn says:

    Update on the fate of the School of Jewish Communal Service
    Yesterday at 10:31pm
    The HUC-JIR Board of Governors will be meeting next Tuesday, June 23rd to consider the re-organization of the College-Institute in light of the current economic crisis. In regard to the SJCS, the following will be recommended:

    “Admissions for the academic year 2010-11 for our School of Jewish Communal Service in Los Angeles will be suspended. In the future we may be in a position to re-visit this decision and to re-imagine the program – which has added a great deal to the life of our College-Institute and which is on an upward trajectory – in a compelling and sustainable way. At the moment, we are not in a position to do so.”

    This is tantamount to closing the school. And yet:
    1. This has nothing to do with the fiscal crisis that HUC finds itself in. In fact, the SJCS projects net operating revenues in the 2010-11 academic year. The Board of Governors has not been informed of this.
    2. The SJCS is not taking any money from HUC’s General Scholarship Funds. All SJCS scholarships are covered by specific endowed or restricted funds. The SJCS is therefore NOT a drag on HUC’s General Scholarship Funds. The Board of Governors is unaware of this.
    3. The new strategic plan that was mandated by the BOG has yet to be presented to the BOG. They are unaware that the new strategic plan outlines a creative, entrepreneurial and financially sustainable program for the future. (In particular, the plan includes new programs for the professional development of Reform rabbis and executive directors of Reform synagogues in the areas of organizational management, fundraising, and professional leadership.)

    The Board of Governors is now preparing to make a decision about the fate of the SJCS without having even seen this plan, let alone understanding or appreciating its vision.

    We are mounting a one-on-one campaign to enlist Governors pass the following amendment to the resolution:

    “The HUC-JIR Board of Governors resolves to authorize the continued operation of the School of Jewish Communal Service through the 2010-2011 academic year, at which time it must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency in order to continue in operation. In particular, the SJCS will be allowed to recruit for a new class to enter in Summer 2011, since demonstrating increased tuition revenue is central to the school’s plan for self-sufficiency.”

    “The Board of Governors resolves to invite representatives of the School of Jewish Communal Service to present its new strategic plan at the next full meeting of the Board of Governors so as to better understand and appreciate:
    • the unique mission, vision and values of the SJCS,
    • its plans for financial development and self-sustainability,
    • its integration into the programs of the other HUC-JIR graduate professional programs, and
    • its responsiveness to the professional needs of the Reform Movement, as well as of the broader Jewish community.”

    We need 28 votes to pass this resolution. Below is a list of the Board of Governors. If you or any of your leadership know any of these people well enough to call them and ask them to vote for this resolution, please do so… and let us know any responses. Send all comments, requests for more information or follow-up to Richard Siegel, rsiegel@huc.edu or Lori Klein, loklein@huc.edu or call Richard at 213-765-2118.

    Every vote counts. We won’t get another chance to reverse this decision.

    HUC-JIR Board of Governors

    Non-LA Governors (need at least 10)

    Patty Beck Boca Raton, FL
    Andrew Berger Cincinnati, OH
    Mark Biderman NYC
    Martin Cohen NYC
    Irwin Engelman NYC
    Donald Friend SF, CA
    John Golden NYC
    Norman Gross NYC
    Prof. David Harman Jerusalem
    Robin Harvey Cincinnati, OH
    Robert Heller NYC
    Frances Hess NYC
    Peter Joseph NYC
    Sheila Lambert NYC
    Frederic Lane Chicago, IL
    Burton Lehman NYC
    Jerome Lerner Cincinnati, OH
    Alvin Lipson Cincinnati, OH
    Michael Lorge Skokie, IL
    Marjorie Miller Scarsdale, NY
    Samuel Perelson NYC
    Joan Pines Highland Park, IL
    Stanley Rabin Dallas, TX
    Richard Ravitch NYC
    Terry Rosenberg Boston area
    Elizabeth Scheuer NYC
    Rosanne Selfon Lancaster, PA
    Evely Laser Shlensky Santa Barbara, CA
    Sara Crown Star Chicago, IL
    Nicki Tanner NYC
    Bonnie Tisch NYC
    Peter Weidhorn Manalapan, NJ
    William Weprin Highland Beach, FL

    LA Overseer Governors

    Leslie Bider
    Robin Broidy
    Jay Geller
    Stanley Gold
    Sue Neuman Hochberg
    Robert Kopple
    Ken Ruby

    Alumni Governors

    Cantor Dana Anesi Chappaqua, NY
    Rabbi Jerome Davidson Great Neck, NY
    Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus Chicago area
    Rabbi David Gelfand NYC
    Rabbi Leslie Gutterman Providence, RI
    Rabbi Nancy Kasten Dallas, TX
    Rabbi David Posner NYC
    Rabbi Amy Schwartzman Falls Church, VA
    Rabbi Barton Shallat NYC
    Julie Vanek West Newton, MA
    Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz Pt. Washington, NY

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