The Situation

April 21, 2009
The Hebrew Union College was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1875, making it the oldest Jewish educational institution in the United States.  While it has now expanded to New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, the Cincinnati is the only institution of its kind servicing the entire Midwest, and large parts of the South.

Due to recent financial struggles, HUC is considering closing the Cincinnati campus.  This would be a tragedy for Cincinnati, HUC, and the entirety of Midwest Jewry.

But the decision has not yet been finalized. You can have your voice heard. The board of governors meets in New York on May 3/4; and on June 23, the board will vote on a restructuring plan.

How can you help? You can express your opinions to President Ellenson or to the chair of the board of governors: Barbara Friedman

Please write letters to the editor of local newspapers.  If you are comfortable letting the world know how you feel, BCC your email to and we’ll post it on this site.  Leave a comment below and join the conversation

Learn about supporting HUC financially  Or if you are able, donate now  (be sure to specify where you want the money to go)

This story in:  The Cincinnati Enquirer  and again 4/21

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