An opportunity to support HUC

Originally from Gary Zola – Director of the American Jewish Archives:

I am writing today to urge you to attend a very special program in the life of the College-Institute here in Cincinnati.

You may have already heard that HUC is planning a major celebratory reception for the greater Cincinnati community on the occasion of the rededication of its world famous Klau Library.  This event will be a dessert reception, held at the Jewish Community Center (Amberley) on Sunday evening, November 1, 2009. The evening will begin at 7:30 p.m. and we are planning to conclude by 8:45 p.m.

In addition to rededicating the Klau Library, we will also mark the beginning of the school’s 135th year of historic presence in Cincinnati.

All of us at HUC are honored that Dr. Gregory Williams, the new president of the University of Cincinnati has agreed to serve as the keynote speaker for this event.  November 1st is actually Dr. Williams’s very first day on the job!  He will be speaking, of course, about the historical relationship that has united the Hebrew Union College and the University of Cincinnati – past, present, and future!

You may also be interested in knowing that there will be approximately 50 out-of-town guests at this dessert reception:  the Board of Governors — the school’s governing body — will be present.  They will be in Cincinnati for a special meeting of the Board and, of course, to attend the rededication of the Klau Library.  At the meeting, the Governors will, hopefully, vote to adopt a plan which commits itself to preserving the future of the Cincinnati campus.

The Board of Governors comes to Cincinnati only once a year (and sometimes even less frequently).  These meetings typically take place on the school’s campus, and the Governors rarely have an opportunity to meet the greater Cincinnati community.  Last April, many Governors received calls and letters from Cincinnatians who were concerned about the school’s future.  These communications declared that Cincinnati was immovably committed to HUC’s future in Cincinnati.  On November 1, these Governors will have a rare opportunity to experience these sentiments for themselves!

I am sure you can understand that if our school’s Governors see a large and enthusiastic crowd of HUC supporters at the JCC on November 1, they will experience a tangible demonstration of the community’s interest in and commitment to the College-Institute.  In this respect, you truly have a historic opportunity to help the College — simply by attending this special reception.

I hope you will agree to attend this historic dessert reception on November 1.  The event is complimentary, and there will be no solicitation.

In order to insure that we have enough dessert for all those present, would you please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.  To RSVP, please E-mail Phyllis Volan ( or call Phyllis Volan (513-487-3032).

I thank you very much – in advance – for your help and support.  I look forward to seeing you on November 1.

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